Our team is conformed by a great group of people that give genuine and warm attention that is personalized to all of our guests. We love Patagonia and are happy to share with travelers that would like to also discover, and fall in love with this place.

Staff Photo
Rafael Villarroel, Hotel Manager
Rafael is a great host, optimist, and always with a smile on. One of his hobbies is collecting mugs and just like the rest of the team, he is a nature lover. In his words, he expresses “I love the exuberance of nature where the hotel is built upon, I love the human team that we have formed and I feel proud of being part of a pioneer and innovative hotel with the protection of the environment”.
Lukas Astudillo, Hotel Deputy Manager
His high level of commitment to good service, his professionalism and affable, thoughtful and creative character allowed him to grow within the company, becoming Hotel Deputy Manager in 2022. Lukas stands out for contributing to good labor relations with empathy, enthusiasm, creativity and permanent collaboration, promoting with his example and managerial work the sustained achievement of high hotel standards.
Aldo González, Head of Risk Prevention
This prevention professional has permanently contributed to the achievement of high safety standards at the Hotel, where he is seen daily directing and supervising the different risky tasks of the hotel operation. In addition, his good humor, empathy and amiability have contributed to the development and maintenance of a good work environment at the Camp.
Nadia Contreras, HHRR & Welfare
Her joy, perseverance and empathy have been a great contribution to the well-being of our collaborators. Always happy, she approaches her technical and advisory work with method and great dedication. She represents the best version of what containment, support and affection means towards our staff at the Camp.
Alex Ramírez, Supplying
His great humor and passion for his job are a significant contribution to the team work at Patagonia Camp. Detailed and tidy he makes sure that everything is operating properly in the hotel for the comfort of our guests.
Paulien Asma, Guest Experience
Through his kindness, dedication and daily effort in support of the hotel's operation, Paulien has managed to contribute significantly to the achievement of high standards of care for our guests. Recognized for her friendly treatment, speed in solving problems and good disposition, she has been able to contribute to the team with her selfless work and commitment.
Claudio Santibáñez, Head of the Front Desk
Claudio's enthusiasm and dedication to details permanently contribute to the collective effort of the staff. His self-sacrificing, methodical and far-sighted work clearly distinguishes him among his peers. His cheerful character and care for his team always contribute to the good work environment within the hotel
Alejandro Tolosa, Dinning room Manager
Alejandro's high commitment to good service distinguishes him as an Area Manager who permanently contributes to the achievement of high standards of care. His good humor, empathy and passion for what he does, make him stand out as a person who permanently collaborates in the development of a good work environment and teamwork.
Brian Espinoza, Chef
Brian has a special talent that has transcended the experience of our guests at Patagonia Camp. Self-sacrificing, committed and dedicated to his creative work in the kitchen, he has been able to develop the Patagonia Camp menu in a surprising way, creating unforgettable flavors and culinary experiences for our guests, which have been widely highlighted. Likewise, his cheerful, enthusiastic and empathetic character have been a permanent contribution to the Camp team.
Jessica Velasquez, Head of Housekeeping
She is one of the staff members who best represents the words abnegation and attention to detail. Her work, committed to the quality of service offered by the hotel, has allowed her to grow professionally and quickly become an outstanding Area Manager. Her method, effort and love for what she does, permanently collaborate in the collective effort of the hotel to build a memorable service for our guests
Cristóbal Gorget, Head of Excursions
With a recognized experience, Cristobal has stood out for his determination, effort and work method. With a friendly, empathetic and great disposition, he contributes daily to the team's collaborative work. Since his arrival at the hotel, he has shown selflessness and commitment to his tasks, actively supporting the operation of Patagonia Camp and the experience of our guests.
Héctor Ubal, Head of Transportation
With vast experience in transport operations, his knowledge, method and commitment have been a permanent contribution to our teamwork. His generosity, anticipation and extensive professional knowledge contribute daily to the efficiency of the hotel's operation and, in this way, to the experience of our guests.
Rodrigo Betancur, Maintainance & Environmet
With a friendly and cheerful personality, Rodrigo has always stood out for his commitment and efficiency in carrying out his work in charge of maintaining and caring for the hotel's environment. He has managed to impose a methodical and proactive work style with his team, contributing daily to the delivery of a sustainable and quality service.