At Patagonia Camp we are compromised with preservation of the earth and the local culture, that’s why, our staff is passionate about ecology and they are mainly people attached to this zone, and thanks to this, the travelers have the opportunity to live a rich cultural exchange, where it is possible to know from a closer view the traditional customs and personal stories of Patagonia, only like a local would know.

  • We are located immersed in the middle of the Austral Patagonia in Chile, surrounded by beautiful rivers, lakes and crystal clear lagoons. This is why, and with the purpose of taking the responsibility of our water consumption, that we have installed an innovative water treatment plant, 100% organic with “turba” (peat vegetation) and bacterias that allow us to transform the water that we utilize back to the same purity from when we found it. Also, to keep balance, all of the cleaning products that we use and the amenities that are given to our guests, are neutral and biodegradable.

  • All the organic residue that we produce is transformed into compost by worms at our compost center at The Camp. This is later used by local farmers in their cultivation fields to grow aromatic herbs and vegetables. The use of compost improves the nutritional quality and the drainage of the soil, achieving circular use.

  • At Patagonia Camp we have minimized, as much as we can, the use of plastics and glass. We have a profound compromise with the environment and to reduce our carbon footprint, for this reason, we utilize reusable containers as much as possible, in the same way that we give reusable water bottles to all our guests. Glass, cans and all recyclable residues are collected by the company Resiter to be recycled as part of our procedures.

Agua Agua Agua